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Join the directory for the new world of business, THE Collective.

A directory inspired by the collective energy & intelligence of the people that want more from their lives and businesses…just like you.

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THE Collective

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Give your prospective clients a new & easier way to find you!

What you get

Why the Collective?

Our Ideal Client

She’s an action taker and a self starter.

She honors her inner world and shines her light out to her community.

She has an adventurous spirit, whether she’s climbing mountains or negotiating the perfect deal.

She loves a challenge and is always open to the right opportunity.

She has a heightened awareness of her innate powers, and uses those skills in her work – even if she’s not talking about it.


A place for networking, community & collaboration – where leaders come together.


Our Team

Jen Weatherly

UX Designer, Cosmic Weaver & Online Business Creator

Over 20 years ago I had a vision of the Elite Directory, and now… it’s here! I saw an ultra connected community of incredible entrepreneurs, easily finding connections to others they could work with and refer to.

I’ve been creating online businesses for four years. I’ve created directories, online courses, and amazing websites for creatives, healers, and business people.

Erin Strayer

Exponential Business Guidance & Trainer, Talk Show Host & Seer of the Collective

With over 30 years of cross platform business experience, I’ve been able to intertwine specialties in healthcare, manufacturing, sales, medical consulting and start-ups into a cohesive whole. I’ve co-created a multi-million dollar manufacturing company in less than five years.

I’ve invested deeply in personal growth, leadership courses and mentorship and developed a powerful understanding of emotional intelligence and the need for foundation work.

I’ve also learned that we are better together and the collaboration of the collective is necessary. Obstacles can become opportunities and feedback is the best way to shift and be a better person.

The Big Ah-ha Moment

A prior joint venture brought us, and during that conversation we realized we held the same vision and dream that THE Collective represents. We knew we needed each other and the balance of our gifts and skill sets.

Are you ready to join THE Collective or better yet THE Short List, and start getting the benefits of a collective that unites and lifts together.

We see your superpowers, and we want others to see them too!

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