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Finally, the best keep secrets of filmmakers are coming to small business owners. Francesca Jago is a successful filmmaker who has focused her talents to smartphone video coaching.

Below are a few videos, where she gives away great tips to get you started, from gear and audio, to planning and filming.

Francesca on the Erin Strayer Show

Get Ahead Media

Making video is about serving and helping your audience. I’m in this to help people connect, have a level of trust and a relationship with you!

Francesca Jago


The Hook

  • Getting their attention


  • Focusing on the subject


  • Recording in high def


  • Getting better audio


  • Using natural lighting


  • Mobile apps for editing

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About Francesa

Francesca Jago, founder of Get Ahead Media, helps solopreneurs harness the power of smartphone video so they can reach more customers and become more profitable.

As an award-winning filmmaker and photographer she has worked for over 10 years connecting with global audiences through a variety of visual forms.

In 2012, she teamed up with an American filmmaker to prove you can effectively create a film with a smartphone. She was then asked to speak about the project at an international filmmaking workshop run by MINA at Massey University.


Despite her filmmaking skills she didn’t know how to really use video effectively in a business online until she started her own. She had to learn how to use video to effectively reach and convert customers.

Once she started actually creating the right kinds of videos regularly people started coming to her, asking her to work with them. But there was a lot she had to overcome – fear of being on camera, how to make videos fast, her perfectionism, and more…

Francesca now equips other solopreneurs with the skills she spent years mastering in order to Get Ahead in the online world using only their phones.

Filming Gear 101!

Do you want to know the best gear to create a great filming set? Watch and learn…

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