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Oh my goodness! This month has been quite transformative for me. With a powerful full moon, I was able to sit in stillness and see what I was doing that wasn’t aligned with me. I saw all of the busy work that I was doing, that wasn’t getting me anywhere. After seeing this I made a vow to follow my truest path, to set a marker for where I wanted to go, and leave everything else.

While I worked this out in the Illustrious Group, I realized so many of us were going through our own undoing. When we got back up off the couch, we could see what to do next.

Life lesson: Go with the flow!

Mad Love,

XO Jen Weatherly

Healing Our Shadows with Forgiveness


I sat down with Cheryl Piper, the Heart and Mind Specialist and we had a great conversation about following our true path and how to deal with the shadows.

Francesca Jago

5 steps to creating a video marketing plan (free training).

November 20- The sign up for this will start on the 13th.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers – Get Ahead with FB Video Ads

November 23-26

Jeneen Masih

You will be amazed at how much success Clarity will bring you!

I am confident this guide, packed full of lessons on discovering and entering into clarity, will help you significantly. I could not be more excited to share it with you today.

I look forward to hearing what breakthroughs you find as you apply each lesson.

Angela Andrews

Join us for the next New Moon Goal Setting Interactive Workshop

We’ll meet by Zoom to set our intentions in a small group setting on November 7th

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