Kylie Francis

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Kylie Francis is a 7th year social media influencer and digital entrepreneur turned educator and consultant to online entrepreneurs looking to grow and expand their business through strategic marketing on social media. She helps online entrepreneurs grow lucrative businesses by teaching them her expert organic and SEO marketing strategies and how to construct posts to turn to profit. Through her own obsession and strategy, she has grown her social media following to 113,000 and counting organically, which means she’s never used a paid ad or bots to grow her tribe. Her passion and expertise is found showing inspiring influencers, startups, and online businesses how to authentically be vulnerable, visible, and convey their value online. Her goal is not to show you how to gain “just another follower.” She’s here to show you how to post for profits: which means how to market yourself, your blog, and your business on social media so you have constant traffic to your website and ideal clients begging to work with you passively, in turn creating streams of passive income online so you can start to live your dream life on your own terms. When she’s not consulting her clients or being a guest expert in masterminds, summits, or podcasts, she’s handstanding her way around the world with her GoPro, all because of the power of Pinterest. You can follow her travels on IG at @kylie_francis

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