Erin Strayer

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Accelerated Business Strategist, Speaker and Host of her own show, Erin Strayer has always had her hand in business and health. Her sweet spot or, zone of genius, has evolved from multiple contractual endeavors, co-owning a multi-million dollar company and a career spanning 24 years in level I Cardiac surgery, Erin quickly morphed and transitioned into a national medical consultant for physicians that led to start-up platform development; growth facilitating and vendor relations expert. Easily identifying holes and problem areas in these projects; developing strategic work arounds was easy. As a Trainer of Trainers, Erin Strayer fully believes there are 100 ways to do the same thing right. Recently honored as a “true champion and inspiration for women entrepreneurs” #52women52weeks; Featured in DOTpreneur and Badassery Magazines as an upcoming entrepreneur to watch in 2018 and forward moving thought leader, Erin Strayer combines over 30 years of cross platform experience into her current strategic growth consulting business. Currently Erin elevates and leverages female entrepreneurs to the next level, teaching them how to position, price and deliver their amazing programs and services. Her signature program Journey 2 Empower U is where this intersection of greatness happens and opportunities are discovered! Focusing on the power within our minds she helps entrepreneurs find the sweet spot where all the answers lie, moving beyond the limits of fear by turning their challenges into opportunities and shifting perspectives through her proven success cycle that she teaches her clients.

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