Desiree Albert

Experience a soul adventure in Iceland in a small private group with Dez!

Weaver of Wryd.   Traveler of the Unseen Worlds.   Initiated Medicine Woman.

Shaman, Bruja, Witch Doctor…Soul Medicine Woman. And as such, I was born into this. A path that I did not choose but rather one that was chosen for me by forces greater then ourselves. I have been prepared, guided and trained directly by the Helping Spirits my entire life. I am a healer of the natural world, a balance worker, and mentor to awakened leaders and teachers..
The time of the Global Tribe is here, the tribe of many colors and origins. Together we will shape this new world in ways only imagined so far in human history. Awakened leaders and teachers have been working hard to help those who are still actualizing but we have come to a point where our leaders are ready to level up, ready to deepen and expand. If you are such a person, looking to break through to the next level but not sure how or where…look no further. I will help you.

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