Cheryl Bassitt has created a wonderful tool kit to have great family connections. With 4 seeds to inspire values, that grow into understanding, creating a platform where children and adults learn to love themselves, and their ideas. Watch the video to get to know Cheryl.

Become an unshakable and unbreakable family, so the next time you have a 911, you’re already prepared.~ Cheryl Bassitt

Cheryl Bassit

Be the energy of the solution!

Is it possible that one weekly meeting each week could connect your family for life?

Consider this…

Companies hold weekly staff meetings to the benefit of their progress and success.
Sport teams and marching bands come together almost daily to stand in harmony and win.
How many times are you willing to connect with your family to make it unstoppable?
The Unstoppable Family Meeting Tool Kit has everything you need to hold an effective and game changing connection with your family. Wrapped in 4 Simple Seeds of breakthrough communication, it offers a formula for discussing even the most challenging topics. The flowing and positive agenda is the foundation that gets you started. You can dream together, track your progress and use the game board to deepen your family’s journey. Can one meeting each week connect your family for life? Yes it can!

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