Sunny Lane

If public speaking is something you would like to get better at, then Sunny is your go to Public Speaking Coach.

Sunny Layne is an Emmy-Award winning journalist and a professional speaker and speech coach. She believes everyone can be a great speaker. Speaking is a skill, and a skill can be learned! She loves drawing out the powerful speaker in all her clients.

To date, she has coached an International Spokesmodel Winner, a Young-Adult Author getting ready for a successful book tour, women who had to address corporate audiences of hundreds, and even thousands. After working with Sunny, these clients received accolades lasting for more than a year, repeat requests to speak, and one client was even asked to be a featured speaker & trainer during her company’s conferences in Asia.

Starting out as an intern at the Today Show in New York City, Sunny worked on stories with Katie Couric, and in the United Nations, and also interned at Televisa in Mexico City, and reported in Iowa covering presidential candidates like Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton and more.

She also anchored the news for several years. Viewers voted Sunny “Best of the Best” News Anchor in her market. She also had an award-winning weekly series called “Someone you should know” where she highlighted people who were making a difference in their communities.

She also reported in Seattle covering some of the biggest stories in the country.

She is a wife and a mother of two children: Felicity, age 8 and Sawyer, age 5.

Sunny loves traveling, running, lifting weights, learning new things with her children, making green smoothies, and especially listening to great speakers!

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